Saturday, May 12, 2007

maathaa kheyo naa.


aar paarchi naa guru.


got it somewher on the net.but dint get the great creator.can anybody chip it in?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Pather Paanchali aar Satyajit Ray


sotti boro deri hoye gelo post korte,last post ta chilo aager bochor.byasto chilaam ekta project niye...jai hok..
here again bangaliblogger renews its sole mission:to serve bangla...

for those who love satyajit(i wonder who does not!)there is some good news...
you can download lots of his movies like the great Pather Paanchali,apur sansar,aparajito aaro onek via rapidshare...

first you go to and then register there and get in and give a search for bengali movies..
one great guy has uploaded the movies to and given the links.
u just copy the link, put it in the address bar and go.the rest is all intuitive.
i could not give the live links here for fear of flagging and complaints to rapidshare which may see removal of the great files..
for anything else please contact me by leaving a comment and ur email id...